The 5 Ways Hackers Are Making You Spend More Money Online

Online shopping is perhaps one of the best inventions ever.After all, how amazing is it that you could be sitting in front of the television while purchasing that Zara top you’ve been lusting after?However, with more and more online shops popping up here and there, there are plenty of different risks that could happen too. We got some tips from the Cyber Security Agency  to find out how you can keep yourself safe online.Here are some ways that online hackers could be making you spend more money and stealing your credit card information at the same time.

1. Beware Of Certain Shopping Apps

Save Money While Shopping Online With These Top Tips_11Hackers can now mimic legitimate apps so convincingly that users can’t tell the difference!

For instance, in October last year, hackers were easily mimicking shoppping apps with bogus deals such as a fake Coach app with ‘extra 20% off Coach bags’!

How To Prevent It: Install a mobile security application: With our entire life online, the first app/feature we should be downloading is an anti-virus application to keep our devices safe.

2. They Can Intercept Our Accounts

Save Money While Shopping Online With These Top Tips_6It’s easy peasy for hackers to intercept our accounts, so we don’t get notified of unusual transactions.

Just last year, a hacker in Singapore purchased SGD70K worth of goods by hacking into email, Paypal, and Groupon accounts without users having a clue!

How To Prevent It: Get two way authentication on your phone or electronic devices. This way, whenever your account is being used, you’ll get an alert telling you to authenticate the account either with an added password or a fingerprint scan.

3. Not All Online Payments Are Secure

Save Money While Shopping Online With These Top Tips_9Just because online shops have payment capability doesn’t mean they are automatically secure.

Recently, academics claimed that it takes hackers less than 6 seconds to get the security credentials of card holders, thanks to a flaw in the Visa system.

How To Prevent It: Whenever you’re shopping online, be sure to look out for a green lock on the checkout page next to the website’s address bar. This means that the site is secure.

4. You Could Lose Your Identity

online shopping tipsBecause you’re not present when you pay online, you won’t know if someone else is making a purchase with your card details. On average, you could lose $1,038 a year from identity theft!

How To Prevent It: Keep personal information personal: Best not to share your address, phone number or other personal information online with strangers.

5. Don’t Shop Online While On Public Wifi

8 Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online On Safer Internet Day internet safety buttonAvoid public computers and open Wifi connections: Open computing devices allowing others to easily retrieve your payment card information entered into these computers.